API Views


Check your groups!

When creating a DataProduct via the API and you have set TARGET_PERMISSIONS_ONLY to False, one of the accepted parameters is a list of groups that will have permission to view the DataProduct. If you neglect to specify any groups, your DataProduct will only be visible to the user that created the DataProduct. Please be sure to specify groups!!


Better API documentation

The available parameters for RESTful API calls are not available here. However, if you navigate to /api/targets/ and click the OPTIONS button, you can easily view all of the available parameters.

class tom_dataproducts.api_views.DataProductViewSet(**kwargs)

Viewset for DataProduct objects. Supports list, create, and delete.

To view supported query parameters, please use the OPTIONS endpoint, which can be accessed through the web UI.

Please note that ``groups`` are an accepted query parameters for the ``CREATE`` endpoint. The groups parameter will specify which ``groups`` can view the created ``DataProduct``. If no ``groups`` are specified, the ``DataProduct`` will only be visible to the user that created the ``DataProduct``. Make sure to check your ``groups``!!

Constructor. Called in the URLconf; can contain helpful extra keyword arguments, and other things.


Gets the set of DataProduct objects that the user has permission to view.


Set of DataProduct objects

Return type: