class tom_alerts.models.BrokerQuery(*args, **kwargs)

Class representing a query to a broker in a TOM

  • name (str) – The user-given name of this query.

  • broker (str) – The name of the broker–this should come directly from the name attribute of the broker class representing the broker.

  • parameters (dict) – Parameters for this BrokerQuery, stored as a JSON string.

  • created (datetime) – The time at which this BrokerQuery was created in the TOM database.

  • modified (datetime) – The time at which this BrokerQuery was changed in the TOM database.

  • last_run (datetime) – The time at which this BrokerQuery was last run against its corresponding broker.

class tom_alerts.models.AlertStreamMessage(*args, **kwargs)

Class representing a streaming message containing data sent/received either over Kafka or to/from another TOM :param topic: The destination or source of sharing for the message. :type topic: str

  • message_id (str) – An external message identifier that can be used to locate the message within the given topic.

  • date_shared (datetime) – The date on which the message is shared. (Date created by default.)

  • exchange_status (str) – Whether this message was sent or received.