Start here to learn how to customize the look and feel of your TOM or add new functionality.

Custom Settings - Settings available to the TOM Toolkit which you may want to configure.

Customizing TOM Templates - Learn how to override built in TOM templates to change the look and feel of your TOM.

Adding new Pages to your TOM - Learn how to add entirely new pages to your TOM, displaying static html pages or dynamic database-driven content.

Adding Custom Target Fields - Learn how to add custom fields to your TOM Targets if the defaults do not suffice.

Adding Custom Data Processing - Learn how you can process data into your TOM from uploaded data products.

Building a TOM Alert Broker - Learn how to build an Alert Broker module to add new sources of targets to your TOM.

Changing Request Submission Behavior - Learn how to customize the LCO Observation Module in order to add additional parameters to observation requests sent to the LCO Network.

Creating Plots from TOM Data - Learn how to create plots using and your TOM data to display anywhere in your TOM.

The Permissions System - Use the permissions system to limit access to targets in your TOM.

Automating Tasks - Run commands automatically to keep your TOM working even when you aren’t