TOM Toolkit Plugins

Additional functionality can be added to the TOM Toolkit in the form of plugins. These may range from adding the ability to interface with additional observatories, to providing additional plotting or data analytics functionality.


This module provides the ability to query and/or listen to Antares alert streams from within a TOM.


Installation Instructions

Compatibility Notes

If you’re on Mac OS, it should be noted that the Antares client library has a dependency that only supports Mac OS 10.13 or later. If you try to run ./ migrate on an earlier version, you may see an error.


This module provides a templatetag supporting visibility plots for non-sidereal targets. This plugin is fully supported by the TOM Toolkit team; however, non-sidereal visibility calculations require the PyEphem library, which is minimally supported while its successor is in development. The library used for the TOM Toolkit sidereal visibility, astroplan, does not yet support non-sidereal visibility calculations.


Installation Instructions


This module provides the ability to submit observations to the Liverpool Telescope Phase 2 system. It is in a very alpha state, with little error handling and minimal instrument options, but can successfully submit well-formed observation requests.